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English About

  An Introduction to Jiangsu Maotong Law Firm

  Since its establishment in 2008, Jiangsu Maotong Law Firm (JMLF) has grown and developed into one of the largest law firms in the Huaihai Economic Zone, in terms of the size of office area, professional capability, the depth of legal business, the specification of legal work, and the growing rate. The Law Firm is one of the first law firms all over China which have been granted the international quality system certification and the electronic trademark registration certificate. It carries out business both home and abroad.

  JMLF has the membership of the China Dehe Law Union, the largest cross-regional lawyer collaboration platform across China, as well as of the Elite Global Legal Alliance (EGLA) holds the chairmanship of Huaihai Maotong Lawyer Service Alliance, the largest lawyer service alliance in Huaihai Economic Zone; is providing teaching and practice base for Jiangsu Normal University Law school; is also a designated service law firm for the China Small and Medium Enterprises Association for Managing Enterprises by Law; is also a member law firm in the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors.

  JMLF was awarded the title of Province Level Youth Rights Safeguarder from the Jiangsu Province Communist Party Youth League Committee, Jiangsu Province Judicial Department, Jiangsu Province Supreme People's Court. In addition, JMLF has established a strategic partnership with law firms based in countries including, for example, the United States, Canada, Russia, South Korea. The Wechat Official Account of JMLF was ranked as the third place in China, the first place in Jiangsu Province, by 14th China Law Institute Micro-credit Influence Index (CLMII). It was also ranked fourth nationally by the 135th CLMII and ranked first in terms of total reading quantity. Meanwhile, JMLF is one of the bankruptcy administrators listed out by the Xuzhou Intermediate People's Court, as well as the complaint contacting point for Xuzhou Procuratorate. Both the Xuzhou International Law Consulting Research Center, and the Xuzhou Marriage and Family Law Study Center are located in our law firm. The JMLF branch office was opened in Toronto, Canada, on August 2015. By doing so, JMLF is first among the law firms in Jiangsu Province which have established an overseas law office. On 9th April 2018, the establishment of the Jiangsu Maotong (Nanjing) Law firm was eventually approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Juridical Office.

  JMLF has been rated as one of the Xuzhou Ten Best Legal Aid Units, Xuzhou Top Ten Law Firms, and National Excellent Law Firm In Providing Services To The Development Small And Medium Enterprises. On February 2013, it was awarded the title of Xuzhou City Best Commercial Legal Service Unit. In 2014, JMLF was awarded the title of Xuzhou Youth Civilization Group, and Xuzhou Outstanding Youth Rights Safeguarder. In July 2012, JMLF issued Lawyer's Social Responsibility Report, --- the first report of its kind in Jiangsu Province---, which aroused strong repercussions in all sectors of society. Again in May 2014, it published the second issue report. By doing so, it presented its strong willingness of promoting and practicing the lawyer social responsibility. Later, JMLF was again granted the title of Top Ten Law Firm of the Year 2015-2016. In March 2017, the then Deputy Secretary of Xuzhou Municipal Communist Party Committee Mr. Yang Shiyun issued JMLF the medal for the title of Xuzhou Top Ten Women's Legal Rights Safeguarding Unit.

  JMLF possesses a total office area of more than 1500 square meters and has employees of more than 50 lawyers, including lawyers and trainee lawyers altogether. Among them, five have obtained master degree; several others hold the title of Ph.D., Postdoc, Professorship, Associate-professorship, and part-time professorship; several lawyers hold the positions of arbitratorships of different arbitration committees; several lawyers are qualified for securities practitioning; one lawyer of our firm has been appointed as a Jiangsu provincial government Procurement Evaluation Expert; some laywers hold the title of PPP project Evaluation Experts; one is Jiangsu Province lawyer Training Teacher Database Expert; one is China Arbitration Law Association Standing Committee Member; and one is special researcher from China Law Society Lawyers Law Research Association.. Moreover, scholars such as the dean of the Law school of Jiangsu Normal University, Prof. Congjin Jian, law post-doc Prof. Bo Zhang are also part of our law firm.

  Since foundation, JMLF has successfully handled a large number of influential cases including 1, the successful completion of assets acquisition and corporate restructuring, financial investment business of worth more than 10 million RMB; 2, successfully making the revocation of a signed insurance policy (billion-yuan fake insurance policy), the value of which is the highest ever in the country;  3, a successful representation of Mr. Xu in lawsuit against Xuzhou Iron Mine Group for the death compensation. This case revealed for the first time in Jiangsu Province a principle of the same amount of compensation for all the deaths, 7 years ahead of the implementation of the Tort Liability Law; 4, the successful representation of Mr. Zhang in a lawsuit against Xuzhou Planning Bureau to revoke the administrative license infringement. It is the first ever case where the plaintiff won in Jiangsu after the implementation of the Administrative Licensing Law; 5. Successfully represented in an intellectual property dispute between a Chinese TV station and MBC, one of the three largest TV stations in Korea, and compelling the court to reject the proposition by the Korean TV station; 6. Successfully represented in an equity dispute and eventually led to the Supreme People's Court rejected the other party’s appeal. The case was also compiled as a typical case by the Jiangsu Provincial High Court in its January 2009 Bulletin.  7. The director of the JMLF, Mr. Liu Maotong successfully represented in a case concerning the right to information of anonymous shareholders. This case was elected by the Xuzhou Intermediate People's Court as one of the Ten Most Difficult Economic Cases in 2006;8. The Case Mr. Liu Maotong against China Unicom for its fee-charging of the caller ID display service became an influential public interest litigation nationwide. It was included in a number of college lectures; 9. In 2007, Liu Maotong initiated Jiangsu's first ever cooperation building of lawyer model at his own expense; 10. Successfully represented a real estate company based in Xuzhou against a construction company based in Fujian. In this case,  JMLF helped the client to recover a loss of more than 100 million yuan; 11. Successfully represented an Xuzhou holding company in an arbitration against a company based in Shanghai and a company in Hong Kong in the China International Trade Arbitration Commission, successfully made it for the dismissal by Arbitration vis-à-vis the other party’s arbitration application, and avoided for our client a financial loss of more than RMB 60 million.

  At the beginning of its establishment, JMLF invested 100,000 yuan to set up the first legal aid fund in Jiangsu Province in order to promote legal aid. Since then, it has donated more than 2 million yuan to the Xuzhou City Charity Federation and the Hope Project, and carried out the following activities that have a significant impact:

  1. In October 2008, JMLF launched the legal volunteer activities, in the joint efforts with the Tongshan District People's Court. The Supreme People's Court Briefing (Special Information Issue) published the successful experience of this campaign with the title Exploring Lawyers’ Participation in Dispute Resolution Mechanisms; 2. In March 2009, JMLF and the Quanshan District People's Procuratorate jointly established the first legal volunteer studio in the national procuratorate system. The Procuratorial Daily--- sponsored by the Supreme People's Procuratorate --- reported it in the second edition. 3. In July 2010, JMLF and the Yunlong District Procuratorate Disabled People's Federation jointly established the first legal aid station for disabled persons in Xuzhou City. Deputy Attorney General of the Jiangsu Provincial Procuratorate, Mr. Chen Jianhong, unveiled the event; 4. In August 2011, the "legal clinic" activities jointly initiated by JMLF, Xuzhou City Procuratorate, and Pengcheng Evening News Office were formally launched, which attracted the attention and affirmation from Mr. Cao Jianming, the chief procurator of the Supreme People's Procuratorate; 5. The Xuzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League cooperated with JMLF to establish the 12355 Youth Rights Protection Hotline in Xuzhou City; 6. JMLF participated actively in the Work for Handling Complaints, together with the Tongshan Political and Law Committee and the Xuzhou Municipal Committee on Political Affairs and Law. The successful cases were praised by Jiangsu Province Politics and Law Committee; 7. In September 2012, JMLF established the Minor Legal Rights Protection Workstation, in an join efforts with the Xuzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and the People's Procuratorate of Tongshan District; 8. On December 28, 2012, JMLF established, together with Jiangsu Normal University, the Maotong Legal Assistance Workstation; 9. JMLF established the first lawyer magazine entitled Maotong Lawyer in Xuzhou City, which won the praise in the judicial circles for its unique legal-cultural charm. CCTV, CCB, Jiangsu TV, Shanghai Oriental TV, and China Lawyer Network frequently interviewed and reported the cases of JMLF. JMLF was awarded the second place in both the first and second session of the city's lawyers' sports games, during which JMLF also won numerous singles championships. The JMLF’s website Lawyer Liu Maotong Online launched by JMLF won the title of Xuzhou's first Top Ten Civilized Website. JMLF’s another website, China Lawyer Investigation Network, was once selected by the “Private Economic News” as a reference legal website for Guangzhou citizens, as it has a great social impact in the country.

  JMLF consists of ten teams which are respectively specialized in legal fields as follows: corporate affairs, construction and real estate, intellectual property, criminal law issues, finance and capital operation, international business, government legal service, civil and commercial issues, family affairs, and labor issues. The teams are all made up of senior and experienced lawyers. The lawyers of JMLF have extensive experience in legal consultancy. They successively provided as legal advice to more than 100 organizations including for example, the Xuzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, the Xuzhou Military Subdivision of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, the Party Work Committee of the Xuzhou Economic Development Zone, the Xuzhou Branch of the China Postal Savings Bank, the Xuzhou Medical University Affiliated Hospital, and the Xuzhou Radio and Television, Media Group, Xuzhou Civil Affairs Bureau, Xuzhou Municipal Ethnic and Religious Bureau, and Tongshan District People's Government.